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Dumortierite Tumbled Stones

Good Earth Rocks Gallery in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley is Oklahoma’s premier store for all jewelry, fossils, gems, minerals, crystals, and more! Our selection of amethysts, malachite, quartz, selenite, shark teeth, dinosaur fossils, and amazing hand-crafted jewelry are ready to fill your home or office. Knowledgable staff of passionate rock-hounds. Whether it is for healing, collecting, a piece of history, or to decorate - we have the piece for you!

Dumortierite is a mineral made of aluminum borosilicate mineral (Al7BO3(SiO4)3O3) with slim prismatic crystals which range in color from brown, blue, and green. Its glass like surface and deep, dynamic blues are an experience to behold.

These tumble stones are approximately .75" x .75".

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